If you click on the small images you will see a larger version.  The Lookout is featured in all of them.


Above is an aerial view of the neighbourhood. 
The Lookout's civic address is 46 Water Street. 
Its owner lives at Greystones at 33 Water Street.
Guests register there and get the key for The Lookout.

The living and dining areas are on the upper floor.
Above: the living room has 30 inch TV and a futon that opens
into a double bed.  Note the WiFi desk in the far corner.

Left:  from the windows you can see Greystones on the right, and beyond that is the blockhouse bar which is exposed at low tide and which encloses St. Andrews Harbour.  In the distance is the international St. Croix River and Robbinston, Maine USA.
  Two cars can be parked in front.  There is a BBQ on the small deck.
Between the office area, back left, and the kitchen, to the right,
is a stairwell leading to the back bedroom, seen below.  The bathroom is also on the back-split level.
You may enter The Lookout by climbing a set of exterior stairs (see above) and opening the door between the dining and kitchen areas.
You can also enter The Lookout from the back yard. 
The door is to the left of a queen-sized bed.
If you enter the third and lowest exterior door you are at the level of the front bedroom, which is right under the dining area. At that level there is also a small laundry area.  The hallway leads to the half flight of stairs to the back bedroom and the bath room.
From the landing look up to the living area and down to the front bedroom that also has a queen-sized bed.
The two areas of the bathroom are separated by a sliding door.
Each area has its own door to the remainder of the back split level.