The Lookout by-the Sea is a two bedroom cottage with a view of the western extremity of St. Andrews Harbour.  It is located at 46 Water Street in St. Andrews and looks across a garden to the mouth of the international Ste. Croix River and to Robbinston, ME USA.  In 2018 it is available for short-term rental from mid-June until August 31 for a three day minimum rental period.  Long term guests are welcome in the off season.

This 1250 square foot fully furnished house is a back split with a bedroom and bathroom facing the secluded, fenced-in back yard.  The living area is on the top floor above the other bedroom.  Because it is set back from the sidewalk, there is room for a paved two-car parking area in front of The Lookout.

Strategically located, The Lookout is only five blocks from the centre of the commercial district of the Town where the bank, post office, pharmacy and hardware store are located.  A block and a half away in the other (westerly) direction is the historic Block House built by townsfolk to defend the Town against invasion during the War of 1812.  Due north by five blocks is the Algonquin Resort hotel.

In the header picture you can see the Block House sand bar. At high tide this bar is fully submerged and waves splash against the sea walls of the houses across the street from The Lookout.  This cottage is the ideal place from which to launch many an adventure, or just to relax within site and sound of the sea.